Install xDebug in XAMPP

Like i promised in my previous post here is tutorial how to install xDebug on XAMPP. But first i hope that you have working version of XAMPP on your computer. So let’s start …

First you will need xDebug, you can download this from this site. Choose package what you need and which is compatible with your PHP version – THAT IS IMPORTANT. For example if you have PHP version 5.1.1 you will need xDebug for 5.1.1.

PHP & MySQL development enviroment

If you are PHP/MySQL developer like me ( as you maybe know I’m freelancer ) you will need some environment for developing your web applications for you and/or your clients. Also in other case if you blog enthusiast or simple you want to try some PHP script before you go on your live webserver this is mostly recommended solution for you. So let’s start from beginning. Here is ….