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How to promote yourself?

Self-promotion is always the key to your freelance career. It takes a lot of effort on your end to promote yourself and get the kind of freelance job you always wanted. You do your freelancing job mainly because you want to own your time, be your own boss while you still get to enjoy your work. Freelancing is all about self-promotion and succeeding in closing a great deal with clients. But how do you go about promoting yourself?

Cool Google Tricks

Trick #1 — Searching in a Range

So, you are searching for Sexy Singles between the age of 18 and 25 or looking for a cake which weighs between 100 and 200 pounds? Google has a way which lets you specify the range you want to find results in.
The trick is to use “..” — double dots — between the range. For example, Cake 100..200 pound or Sexy Singles 18..25 years.
I don’t really want to give the exact query I used to test this trick — I am sure some of you are reading it from work — but don’t forget to specify the unit. Google is smart but not “THAT” smart.

SQL Dump File Splitter

Few days ago i had a little problem. One of my customer have very large database ( over 200 Mb ) and I find out that i can’t restore contents of SQL dump because upload size limit and that phpMyAdmin will be run forever ( not forever but after a while will generate error and you are doomed :( .

You can resolve that problem on few different ways:

How to create a Powerful Portfolio

Its French word “porte folio” which literary means page carrier. This carrier, a portfolio, is something a professional like you should consider all the time. Why? Portfolio is the key to your successful career. So why not create a promising portfolio for your target clients?

Ways to avoid freelance job problems

Freelance jobs seems to be profitable from all angles. One feels he/she would earn some extra money this way by working from the comforts of his/her home. But, this is not the case all the time. One may come across some common problems during or after the job is done. Following are some steps that one should keep in mind to avoid any such problems: